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Fair Trade

We ensure all products are made keeping in mind fair trade principles.

Latest Fashion

We strive to match upcoming fashion trends before they hit the market.

Eco Friendly

We follow eco-friendly processes and have a focus on recycling.

Featured Products

Why Choose us?

Conserve is an established social ventureworking in the wholesaling of fashion accessories since 2005. We are an ISO and Fair Trade certified and ensure safe and ethical business practices. Our focus to produce quality products at competitive prices has enabled us to become suppliers for customers all over the globe.

Latest Fashion & Creative Design

We rely deeply on our design team and invest our resources to create innovative and attractive designs that are not only as per forecastedfashion trends but are also something unique.

Quality Material

We put extensive research in selecting raw material before sending the design for sampling. We use a systematic quality testing approach to make sure the materials used are approved as per designated standards.

Proven Track Record

We have been in this industry since over a decade now and have always proven our efforts, fulfilling commitments and timely delivery.